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 Citizen Patrol in Ashford Hollow

Program requirements were met and signs installed March 3, 2012.

Update November 2018:
Lee Brunell has taken over the role of Coordinator for the Citizen Patrol Group. Thanks to Cindy for the many years of service.

Update April 21, 2018:
Citizen Patrol training / re-certification classes are resuming on an as-needed basis. If you are interested in being trained / re-ceertified, please contact Lee Brunell (our new CP Coordinator) for details as paperwork needst to be completed and approved prior to attending class. See below for a link to contact Lee.

Citizen Patrol Training & Re-certification Class

The new training / re-certification dates for 2018 are being added to the calendar as they are received. Training is typically held monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 6 pm, at the HPD Westside Command Station. Dates occassionally change and will be updated on the calendar as we are notified. A background check form needs to be completed prior to class. Download a copy of the form here.

Location:  HPD Westside Command Station, 3203 S Dairy Ashford, 3rd floor

Please contact Lee Brunell if you plan on attending the class.


About HPD Citizen Patrol

The Houston Police Department is concerned about crime in the neighborhoods and communities throughout the city. In response, the Citizen Patrol program was established in an effort to bring the citizens and the police department together for a common goal, and that is to improve the quality of life by eliminating crime. The Citizen Patrol program is designed to provide a means for citizens to organize into patroller groups for the purpose of reducing crime in their community. Citizen Patrollers are the additional eyes and ears the police can count on to make Houston a safe place to live and work.  Citizen Patrol brochure

The goals of the Citizen Patrol program are:

  • To provide an effective method of discouraging neighborhood crimes and “decline.”
  • To promote a friendly and safer neighborhood environment while respecting the privacy and rights of all citizens.
  • To encourage awareness and provide improved communication among neighbors.
  • To upgrade the quality of life and property values in the area.

Citizen Patrol groups, must meet the below listed qualifications:

  • Designate a lead coordinator.
  • Recommendation that at least 8 citizens participate in the program. If less than 8 citizens, approval from the Citizen Patrol Division Liaison is required.
  • Commitment from the group to patrol a minimum of 30 hours per month.
  • Submit a monthly report detailing the group’s activity.
  • Submit a marked map outlining the area to be patrolled.

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