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GREENspot DROPoff: Free and Convenient E-Waste Recycling

The Houston area now has expanded e-waste recycling options. There are currently over thirty (30) free drop off sites at various storage facilities throughout the city that participate in the GREENspot DROPoff Program. For GREENspot locations, just do an online search for Dropoff Houston, or visit http://dropoff.houstontx.gov. 

Electronics often have hazardous components, and with the mounting volume of disposable e-waste, it is important to keep those materials out of the waste stream and out of the environment. 

Here are some examples of everyday items that can be recycled with GREENspot: televisions, fax machines, computer monitors, DVD Players, laptops, VCR / Beta, keyboards, cables & cords, printers, radios, computer mice, stereo components, hard drives, tape & zip drives. 

More information from the website:

What is e-waste?

Think of electronic waste, or e-waste for short, as anything that you plug in that you want to throw out. E-waste isn't allowed in the trash and most states have passed strict legislation on the proper disposal of these items. But more than what’s legal, it’s the GREEN thing to do!

At GREENspot, we help you recycle your old computers, computer monitors, televisions, laptops, flat screens, DVD players, keyboards, mice, and most other electronics. Best of all, it's FREE!

Why recycle?

Electronics contain chemicals and heavy metals that, when exposed to the elements, have the potential to leech into our groundwater. Older CRT based monitors and televisions are of particular concern as they contain between 5-15 pounds of lead and when ingested, can cause severe damage to the central nervous system.

Who is Green-spot?

GREENspot DROPoff provides FREE and CONVENIENT e-waste (electronic waste) recycling at hundreds of DROPoff locations throughout California. We collect TVs, Computers, Laptops, LCDs, Faxes, Printers, and anything else you plug in and want to throw away (excluding appliances).

GREENspot DROPoff's mission statement is to provide a free and convenient GREENspot within 5 miles of every household in America, while at the same time ensuring that he material is processed in a safe and responsible manner in compliance with all State and Federal regulations.

Webpages to visit:

City of Houston Drop-off page


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