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2017 Annual HOA Meeting Update

The Annual Meeting of the HOA was held on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Although turn-out was less than last year, we had some new volunteers! Two people volunteered for the Citizen Patrol and one person joined the Welcome Committee.

And, Gavin Dillingham came forward to fill one of the board openings.There is still one vacancy on the board, so a volunteer is still needed. Potential volunteers should call Graham Management at 713-334-8000.

Current Board Membership:  Amy Lester-Storey is President, Martha Gay is VP, Sharon McMahan is Secretary, and Gavin Dillingham is Treasurer. 

Citizen Patrol report: Cindy Anderson is our community CP coordinator. She makes monthly reports to the Houston Police Department.  Ashford Hollow averages 70 to 80 patrol hours per month. HPD has a 30 hour minimum to maintain certification.  We have 3 to 4 people who patrol daily, 7 or 8 patrol on a weekly basis. The police department no longer wants patrollers to wear vests. This is for safety reasons-- wearing a vest may make a patroller a target. Patrollers can return their vests to Graham Management. 

For more information about the Citizen Patrol program, here's the website  http://www.houstontx.gov/police/vip/vip_citzpatrol.htm

Current volunteers, present and absent, were recognized and applauded. 

Building/Construction Consultant -- Warren Bright
Citizens Patrol Coordinator-- Cindy Anderson
Maintenance/Repairs Expert-- Alan Storey
Neighborhood Sign Manager-- Page Williams
Super Neighborhood Representative-- Amy Lester-Storey (Amy was doing this because we did not have anyone volunteering in the role)
Webmaster-- Rita Dietz
Welcome Committee--- Page Williams, Glenda Johnson
Women's Group-- Rita Dietz
Yard of the Month-- Sandy Crocker

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